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Good afternoon all,

Parent consultation eve appointments for 10 October have been given out today (Years R - 6). Please contact your child's class teacher in advance if you're not able to make your time.

Nursery appointments are on the morning of 11 October - please contact your child's key worker to arrange a time.

Thank you,





We hope everyone managed to see our newsletter last week. There is already more news….

September 2018 newsletter

Get reading!

Well done to everyone who ‘Got Caught Reading’ in our summer competition – we’ve seen some great photos. The deadline is this Friday if children still want to enter. The winner will be announced in assembly on Monday.

To carry on our reading promotion, there will also be a bookmark incentive running this term. Children will receive a star on their bookmark every time they read at home for 15 minutes to an adult and their reading diary is signed by an adult at home. When children have completed a book mark they will receive a certificate.  The child in each class who has completed the most bookmarks by the Christmas break will receive book tokens in assembly.

Bookmarks will be ready for the children this week.

Visit our website…

Please visit our website – there are five survey questions on the homepage. We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete these to help us with our school evaluation and planning. The current questions will be available until 26.9.18. Thank you!

Earrings and PE

We’ve had a few questions about earrings this term.  Please note that no jewellery is to be worn for any physical activity, to protect against injury. Staff members cannot take earrings out for the children, but will remind children of the need to take them out. If children are unable to take their own earrings out they will not be able to participate in the P.E. lesson fully. Staff will, however, make every effort to liaise with families to ensure that children have access to P.E. lessons. If you’re not sure when your child’s PE day is, please check the class noticeboards. Thank you.

Hotshots Basketball

Hotshots Basketball leaders will be visiting our school on 21.9.18 for children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 – 6) to try a taster session of their after school clubs. Details about these trips will follow after the taster sessions.

Come for lunch on 26.9.18

The deadline to request a place for the Nursery/Reception lunch is 19.9.18. If you would like to share a packed lunch or a school lunch on 26.9.18, please make sure you book in time at the school office. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to take bookings on the day. Thank you.

Come for coffee and cake on 28.9.18

We’re having a coffee and cake morning for Macmillan on 28.9.18 (10.45 – 11.30). Cake donations would be very much appreciated! Please list the ingredients or leave the packet intact. No nuts, please. Everyone is welcome so please do join us. Children are allowed to bring a maximum of £2 to school to spend at the cake shop.


Keep up, not catch up!


We have a new mantra in school – keep up, not catch up! We are working hard to ensure that children who have found concepts difficult at school have the chance to go over them before the next lesson, so that the pace of their learning can be maintained. We may also ask for your support to reinforce something (small) before the next day through discussion. Please don’t worry if we ask for your support. It doesn’t mean that there’s a problem – we would just like your support and to keep you updated. Thank you!


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