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Weekly blog 22.09.2017

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Apologies for the late blog but unfortunately the website administration was down for the last 48 hours.

New Dates for diaries

HARVEST - WEDNESDAY 11TH OCTOBER 9.40am at St. Mary's Church, Woodford.  All welcome

Monet class will travel to and from the church in the school minibus.  Children in years 1-6 will walk to the church with staff members.  Please could children bring a donation of food in the form of a dried packet (eg: dried pasta).  The offerings will be taken to the church and then taken to the local food bank.   Due to our increased number of children in school, we ask that the centre pews are left clear for the children.  Many thanks.


CHRISTINGLE SERVICE AND KEY STAGE 2 CHRISTMAS CONCERT -  Tuesday 12th December 6.00pm St. Mary's Church, Woodford.  All welcome

The decision has been made to link these two events together.  The Christingle's will still be made in school and staff will take them to the church for the children to collect in the evening.  Children will remain with their parents during the Christingle service which will last approximately 30 minutes.  This will then go straight into the annual concert held by Key Stage 2 children.  We encourage everyone to attend this evening as Key Stage 2 will have worked very hard on their concert and will look forward to entertaining you. 


Monday 25th September:  Dress up day for Monet class (Pre-School Nursery and Reception)  - 'People who help us'.  Children can dress up as a someone who helps us.

School trips

Please could voluntary donations for trips be paid to the office as soon as possible.  If we do not receive enough donations then unfortunately the trip will not be able to take place.  If you wish to pay a donation monthly then please speak to Mrs Elston or Mrs Murphy for further details.

Questions for the teacher

Understandably there are times when parents or carers have a concern or a question regarding their child's education.  We would ask that in the first instance you direct your query to the class teacher.  If you still have further concerns or queries then please book an appointment at the office to speak to the class teacher when Mrs Murphy or Mr Zakis can join the meeting. 



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Welcome to my first blog entry this term. I apologise for my tardiness but there has been a lot for me to do and find out about this great school.

Hopefully I have met most of you on the playground at drop off and pick-up time but do please come and say hello if we haven’t met yet.

Incidentally, can I remind you that in the morning the gate is closed at 9.00 a.m. so to avoid being locked in with the children please make sure you have left the playground by this time.

A few reminders from our class teachers:

Monet Class – on Monday we are dressing up as ‘People Who Help Us’ so we are looking forward to seeing loads of fire fighters, nurses, doctors, police, maybe even the odd teacher or two!

Klee Class – remember to bring your spelling books in every day so that we can practice our spellings at school and don’t forget your swimming costumes for Tuesday (swimming hats are £2.00 if you haven’t got one yet).

Dali Class – Year 6 SATS club starts on Monday 3.15 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Klee & Kandinsky Class – Don’t forget to bring in your donation towards the museum trips this term – thank you.

Payments to school – an error was made in our most recent newsletter – the school no longer accepts payments by Parent Pay. Payments can be made by bank transfer or cash. If you require any further details please contact the office.

Last but not least!

Mrs Steventon finishes at school this Friday and commences her maternity leave. Mrs Steventon would like to thank everyone for all their good wishes and gifts that she has received. The staff and I would also like to wish her all the very best and we look forward to hearing good news in the very near future.



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  • Thank you for calling into meet Ms Ovenden and for attending parent consultation evening – it is much appreciated. Reports went out yesterday – please return slips by the end of term to let us know you have received it.

  • Please see the letter for all parents going out today.

  • Well done to our netball team!!! They will be representing our school at Huxlow at their trophy presentation on Thursday after school.

  • If you would like your child to attend KS2 summer school (25th, 26th, 27th July 10.30 - 2.00) please let Ms Ransome know by Wednesday 19th July. We will only be running the sessions if at least 5 children are booked in for all three days. We’ll let you know if it’s going ahead based on numbers. If it is, children will need a packed lunch.

  • Well done to red team for winning sports day!

  • Next week, children in Year 6 need pyjamas or old clothes please for their swimming lesson.

  • Please return all school reading books by Wednesday 19th July.

  • We have discussed road safety in school assemblies recently – please support us with this. There was information about this in your report pack. We have also highlighted the summer reading challenge – information about this was also in yesterday’s report pack.



  • We have been informed about cases of parents swearing on the school playground. This isn’t appropriate due to the age of the children we look after, so please refrain from this. Thank you.

  • We have had quite a few cases of headlice reported in recent weeks. Information about this is attached to the letter sent out to all families today – please keep checking!



  • Sports trips are as planned.

  • The final newsletter of the year will go out next week.

  • There’s a film evening for the children on Monday 17th July (6 – 7.30). It’s £1.50 for children to attend the film session and free for adults to join the parent forum for drinks and nibbles elsewhere! Just bring your own drinks and nibbles, and please share!

  • On Wednesday 19th July parents of children in Willow class will have the opportunity to meet with Mrs Eldridge for their parent consultation evening – times have been sent out. Parents of children in Coral class are invited to an assembly at 2.30pm.

  • On Thursday 20th July Year 6 will be going to Frankie and Benny’s for their lunch, travelling by minibus. There is no charge. All children who are in Cheetah and Snapdragon classes are asked to be back at school by 5.30 on that day in time for the 6pm performance. Everyone is invited to watch! The children on the netball trip will be returning as early as possible – please see Mrs Gale for more details.

  • On Friday 21st July it’s the last day of term. Coral class will be having a morning picnic (please send lunch as usual), and there’s a 1.30pm  performance of the Wizard of Oz by the KS2 children, followed by our goodbye to Year 6. All welcome.

  • On Saturday 22nd July it’s the PTA event – see posters for more details. This is being run entirely by the PTA (no school staff in attendance) and we thank them for their support.



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Thanks for joining us for sports afternoon!


Snapdragon families are invited to lunch on 7th July.

Ms Ovenden will be in school on Friday 7th July. If your child will be in Year 1/2 next year please call into the classroom at 3.15 to say hello!

It’s parent consultation evening for parents of children in Years 1 – 6 on 13th July. If you can’t attend, please let us know and rearrange a time. Look out for the end of year school reports on this day, and please bring the slip back with you for your appointment so that we have your views and confirmation that you have the information.

It’s the Daily Mile reward trip to Irchester on 14th July. If your child has received a letter with details they will be going along. The return time is 4pm.

For children in Willow class on 14th July there’s a Teddy Bears picnic (for children only).  Children will need a packed lunch and a teddy. If parents would prefer their children to have a hot meal from Dolce instead then unfortunately they won’t be able to join in with the picnic.

  • Morning only children are welcome to attend, and would need to be picked up at 1pm instead of midday. If not, please collect at 12 as usual. Thank you.

New information

If you can, call in to St. Mary’s Church this weekend to see our Art work in support of the annual flower festival.

Each class now has a box purely for swapping books for pleasure. Thanks to Mrs Fennell for organising this. All children are very welcome to take books out to keep, but we ask that new books (they can be second hand) are contributed as well so that all children can read as many books as possible. Thank you!



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It’s sports afternoon on Monday 3rd July – if you haven’t had your slip detailing the colour t-shirt your child needs please do ask. All welcome at 1.30pm.

Parents of children in Willow class are welcome to join us first at 12.20 for lunch. Please book with Dolce or bring a packed lunch.

Coral class families are invited to lunch on 4th July.

Cheetah class families are invited to lunch on 5th July.

Snapdragon families are invited to lunch on 7th July.


Ms Ovenden will be in school on Friday 7th July. If your child will be in Year 1/2 next year please call into the classroom at 3.15 to say hello!




No further nursery bookings are being taken for sports day afternoon.


If your child is in Cheetah or Snapdragon class please look out for slips going out today regarding Wizard of Oz end of term production costumes. Thank you for your support!


On Monday 17th July there will be a film evening for the children, and a drinks and nibbles evening for adults at the same time. This has been requested by our parent forum group. Details to follow. Please come along if you can!


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Well done to all the dancers that took part in the dance showcase at Huxlow Science College this week, you were all fantastic!

Well done to dance showcase award winners.

Year 1 and 2 at their gymnastics competition.

Year 4 and 5 basketball competition.

Great balancing skills at the multi skills competition!
Great balancing skills at the multi skills competition!

Archery Champions

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