Parent Forum


We are proud to operate a parent forum to enhance links between families and school.


Our current members are Sarah Hearn, Wendy Quinn, Ilze Sinfield, Natalie Fasham and Tracy Linger, with Mrs Murphy and Ms Ransome (staff members) in attendance at each meeting.


In 2015/2016 the parent forum was successful in setting up a new garden space for the children and running a library group for the children. The school uniform shop set up for families by forum members continues on Mondays after school.


Priorities and meetings for 2016/2017 have been around the need for a shelter for parents on the playground. This is being organised.


2016/2017 updates

  • Following requests to do so, school have purchased a Key Stage 2 lunch trolley.
  • Following requests to do so, school have reminded drivers not to park in the disabled space.


Parent forum terms of reference