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Pre-school Nursery (children aged 2-4) and Reception class (children aged 4/5)

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 All children in Monet class have access to Junior Librarian, which allows children, staff, parents and carers to access our library catalogue online.  If you need your child's username or password  for any of the websites please contact the school office.

How is homework organised in Monet class?

Children in both our pre-school nursery and Reception class are expected to read or share books on a daily basis (an average of at least 15 minutes per day for children in Reception), and children in Year Reception are expected to complete word tasks sent home.

From January, children in Year Reception are expected to choose one piece of homework per week from the homework takeaway menu, and have it ready for a Monday morning - to hand in or to share. Over half a term, children are expected to choose at least one mathematics challenge and at least one English challenge. Children don't need to complete every piece!

Our homework is designed to be challenging, engaging and to encourage independence. Please ask if you have any questions. 

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Are the children going on any trips this term?


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Summer 2018 Learning in Class

Down on the farm!

For the first half of the summer term, Monet class have been following the theme of “Down on the farm”. This began with a fantastic visit to Wendy at Glebe farm in Woodford. The children got the opportunity to see different animals they keep on the farm including cows, chickens and sheep. Wendy told us lots of information about what happens on the farm and the children learnt different facts about the animals and other things that come from farms.

"I saw a tractor, it was bumpy. It had a seat and we went on the road then the grass then turned around and went back to the farm. We saw lots and of flowers, yellow flowers. There was cows and they had a tag in their ears with a number on it."

"We saw cows. They don't milk their cows, the cows make beef. When the grass gets snow on it, they (the cows) don't have grass to eat so inside their pen they have straw to eat. We saw chickens. Before chickens lay eggs, they need to eat. There was lots of yellow flowers. They get oil from the yellow flowers."

"We saw sheep. They runned away cause they were scared. We had to be quiet."

"We stuck flowers onto card from the field. We got dandy lions, daisies and leaves. They had wheat and we had to grind it to make the flour."

Back at school the children wrote about the visit and also thank you letters to Wendy for letting us visit the farm and for showing us around. The children will be reading stories about farms and animals and will also be writing their own stories too.

After half term, our theme will be “Dino discovery.” This will begin with a visit to the Dinosaur Farm Park in Milton Keynes where the children will have the opportunity to see lots of different types of dinosaurs, find out information about them as well as carry out activities too.

Once back at school the children will make fact files about dinosaurs, pretend to be explorers finding dinosaurs and digging up bones. This will conclude with an assembly to parents to share all the information the children have found out.

How parents and carers can help at home

We have been learning lots of "red" words and these have also been sent home to practise along with set 2 sounds. We are also trying to encourage the children to read with more fluency. 

Try these websites at home to help your child