Good attendance is encouraged and rewarded at our school, as this is important for children to make progress and enjoy school. Time off from school can only be authorised due to illness or because of exceptional circumstances.

  • Good attendance is 96% attendance over the school year.
  • Excellent attendance is 97% over the school year.

Please note that we are unable to authorise time off from school due to:

  • Family holidays
  • Routine dental appointments
  • Birthdays etc. 

Exceptional circumstances for time off school request form

If an absence from school is unavoidable due to illness, please fill in the form below or contact the school office by 9am. We do need to be contacted daily. As it is important for all children to stay well and attend school regularly, we ask that children stay at home for 48 hours after an episode of vomiting.

For breakfast club cancellations, please phone the school office.

Absence Form