Breakfast Club (childcare)

After School Club (childcare)


We're open from 8 - 9am daily during term times for children aged 3 - 11. Children enjoy a healthy breakfast and enjoy games before school for £3.


We're open from 3.15 - 6.15, in term times (£4 per hour/part hour) for children aged 4 - 11 from all schools. Collection is from the main entrance to school - please ring the door bell.


How can payment be made? Via cash or bank transfer - please contact the school office for details.

Does the school accept childcare vouchers? No,. not at the moment. This will be reviewed.

Does the breakfast club charge depend on drop off times? No, it's £3 regardless of drop off times.

Is the club run by another company? No - our staff are employed by school.

Can children attend after Hotshots, etc.? Yes, and we won't start charging until the other club ends.

Will children get a snack? Yes, and we will take children's preferences into account.

What will the children be doing? Free flow activities such as reading, homework, computing and games.

Can children be collected earlier or later than planned? Yes - but we still charge for any time which is pre-booked.

How can payment be made? Via cash or bank transfer  - please contact the school office for details.

Does the school accept childcare vouchers? No, not at the moment. This will be reviewed.

 How can I book? We invite you to come and meet us. We need a contact form for each child (already completed for children who attend our school). 

Then please book here.  phone 01832 733221 or email


The late collection charge (after 6.15) is £15 per quarter (or part quarter) of an hour. 

  • Sufficient notice (24 hours) must be given for cancellations to avoid a charge. 

Free clubs run by or supervised by our school (extra curricular activities)

We check suitability by checking qualifications & DBS certificates and through observations. 

Clubs provided by school staff from January 2019:

Monday - Hotshots Basketball (Years 2 -6) 3.15-4.00 (outside provider)

£3 per session, payable to Hotshots.

Tuesday      Netball (KS2) (3.15-4.00) with Miss Vickery & Mrs Faulkner.
Wednesday  Reading Club (KS2) - (3.15-4.00) with Mrs Fennell (full)

                   Science Club - (3.15-4.00) with Mrs Smart (Full)

Thursday     Multi-skills (3.15-4.15). Reception & KS1 with Miss Vickery

                   SATs Club (Year 6) - (3.15-4.00). Run by school staff.

Friday -         Computing Club (Years 1-6) - (3.15-4.00) 

Archery club will start in the Summer termSupervised by school staff.
Other clubs are organised during the school year.


Clubs run by external providers 

Violin tuition is arranged through school, during the school day (11.00 - 11.30am on a Tuesday for children in Years 1 - 6). It's £47 per term, payable to Woodford CE Primary School. This is heavily subsidised by school. 

Hotshots basketball is on from 3.15 - 4pm on Mondays for children in Years 2 - 6. It's £3 per session, payable to Hotshots. The contact number is 07776 286666